Nusantara Regas Achieved Five Million Safety Work Hours and 100th Cargo Shipment

11/7/2016 2:03:13 PM

JAKARTA – Director of Pertamina Gas as well as the Commissioner of Nusantara Regas Yenni Andayani appreciates the achievement of Nusantara Regas (NR) because its capability of achieving five milliom safety work hours and be able to do the 100th cargo shipments of LNG without any disruption. The information is delivered by Yenni in the Appreciation Nights held by Nusantara Regas, Jakarta (28/10).

“What is resulted from Nusantara Regas is a proof that this company can have an international standard in managing business. I believe that Nusantara Regas can be a benchmark not only in Indonesia but also in international," he said in front of the management of NR, Monitoring Consortium Team FSRU as well as former directors and commissioner of Nusantara Regas.

Meanwhile, the President Director of PT Nusantara Regas Tammy Meidharma explains the achievement of its company since their first cargo shipment in 2012 (commercial date) for 14 cargo, and increased starting in 2013 with the additional cargo from Tangguh and still continues up until now. According to her, the cargo shipment is the most important achievement for the company in fulfilling the commitment to distribute gas to the domestic market by-fulfillment that keeps increasing in Indonesia “And the peak of the shipment is the 100th shipment from Bontang, that we can finished well in 9 April 2016," she explains.

Tammy express, the achievement is one of the implementation of HSE excellent in Nusantara Regas. This is proven with no work accident and disease caused of work with a safety work hours of 5.076.698 since 1 January 2011 until August 2016. Besides that, for the quality control and work health, the company has developed HSSE policy to QHSSE Policy through "Statement of Quality Management Policy, Occupational Health Safety, Environment and Security". Nusantara Regas has also set an QHSSE integrated management system.

In 2016,   Nusantara Regas also achieved various awards, such as Patra Nirbhaya Karya Pratama from the Directorate of Oil and Gas, the ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources, Quality  Management  System  ISO  9001:2008 certification,  Environmental  Management  System  ISO 14001:2004, Occupational Safety & Health Management System OHSAS 18001:2007 – TUV NORD and SMK3 PP 50 year 2012 certification with predicate “satisfactory” or “Certificate and Golden Flag” – Sucofindo International Certification Services.

“That is why, we held the Appreciation Nights as a form of our biggest appreciation to Pertamina and PNG as a shareholder, board of commissioners, management NR, Monitoring Consortium Team FSRU as well as former directors and commissioner, and all the staffs and workers,” Tammy explained.

The award of this achievement is also given to all the function of PT Nusantara Regas represented by General Managers. Besides, the award also been given to Lili Yuliana an Albar Sualudin for their concerns in developing HSSE companies culture through the report of the best NR Observation Card.

This indicates that the business performance is still moving positively and is able to face the year full of challenges. The dynamics of economy in global level has given a serious implication towards national economy situation, which in the end impacted towards business world. This external factors is the condition that cannot be controlled by the company, so that Nusantara Regas must be willingly to adapt, through adjustment, in order to maintain maximum business performance.