In Collaboration with the Ministry of Finance, Nusantara Regas Optimize Utilization of State Property (BMN)

8/4/2017 12:40:00 PM

PT Nusantara Regas has signed the agreement of lease extension of State Property (BMN) other thab Land and/or Building in a form of KKS PHE ONWJ gas pipe for 2017-2022 in the DJKN Auditorium Syafrudin Prawiranegara Building, Ministry of Finance Central Jakarta on Friday (4/8). President Director PT Nusantara Regas Tammy Meidharma and Director of State Receivables and Other State Property (PNKNL) Ministry of Finance Purnama T. Sianturi do the signing ceremony.

PT PHE ONWJ to will later manage gas distribution pipes Muara Karang to Tanjung Priok along with its ancillary equipment for gas stream from FSRU NR to PLN Tanjung Priok Power Plant. Work scheme along with the asset optimization of BMN was the first time and PT Nusantara Regas is the pioneer of the mechanism implementation of BMN utilization from KKS.

President Director PT Nusantara Regas Tammy Meidharma said that this agreement intended for Pertamina through Nusantara Regas to keep on optimizing facilities owned by the country for public interest by distributing the result of liquefied natural gas (LNG) regasification for the needs of PLN Tanjung Priok Power Plant.

 “Through this asset optimization, we don’t need to establish new pipes, while state pipes can be utilized as much as possible. It means that there will be budget efficiency for pipe lease or if we intended to establish our own, there will be operation and maintenance budget efficiency. Hence, our gas price sales will be cheaper, and this will support electricity price sales especially in Jakarta and its surrounding region will be more affordable,’’ Tammy expressed.

For 2017-2022 period, the pipe will distribute approximately gas volume for 105 mmscfd in 2017-2019 and about 53 mmscfd in 2020-2022 or equall with 29 cargo of LNG or 1,7 Tons.