Subsidiaries Synergy in the Environment of GEBT Directorate

8/29/2016 9:35:41 AM

JAKARTA - “The signing is a good beginning for all of us, because it shows that there is an achievement from the environment of GEBT Directorate. Frequently we see deficiency that is visible, but with a good cooperation, we can help to increase the performance of GEBT Directorate in this second semester."

Thus said by the Director of Gas, New & Renewable Energy (GEBT) Yenni Andayani when giving her opening speech on the signing ceremony of cooperation in Environment of Gas, New & Renewable Energy Directorate. The event held in Executive Lounge floor-M Main Building, Friday (12/8).

Yenni admitted that there will be more challenges ahead for GEBT Directorate, while the current work must be accomplished. "I appreciate this cooperation, because we can see this challenge as an opportunity. The problem is that we corresponded with business counterpart such as PLN. I don't want this opportunity to be missed," said Yenni.

She hoped that this signed agreement will be followed as the previous cooperation between Badak LNG with PBAS. "Hopefully in the future we can further optimize the internal environment of cooperation in professional manner," she said.

The three signed agreement and is witnessed by Director GEBT Yenni Andayani is as follows. First, the  Head of Agreement purchase cooperation LNG between PT Pertagas Niaga and PT Nusantara Regas. The agreement is signed by the President Director of Pertagas Niaga Linda Sunarti and the President Director Nusantara Regas Tammy Meidharma.

Second, the signing of Master Sales Purchase Agreement for Spot LNG between PT Donggi Senoro LNG and PT Pertagas Niaga. The agreement is signed by the Director of Commercials Donggi Senoro LNG Patumpu Simamora and the President Director of Peragas Niaga Linda Sunarti.

Third, the signing of Head of Agreement Transportation of Natural Gas Pipeline between PT Pertamina Gas and PT Nusantara Regas. The signing was done by the President Director of Pertagas Hendra Jaya and the President Director of Nusantara Regas Tammy Meidharma.