In accordance with the last Company’s Articles of Association as approved in Notarial Deed No,3 dated November 1, 2013, the scope of business activities is mainly to engage in commercial natural gas business which includes:

  • To procure FSRU facilities such as the floating storage and regasification facilities which include but not limited to gas transportation facilities and related facilities/infrastructure.
  • To secure LNG allocation both from domestic and international sources.
  • To procure tug boats and choose LNG carriers to deliver LNG from the port of loading in which LNG plant is located to the FSRU facility.
  • To ensure that facility management and maintenance at the FSRU facility are conducted in accordance with prudent principles.
  • To secure the marketing of gas. • To provide storage facilities and/or LNG regasification.
  • To carry out other activities to support the Company’s operations.
  • To conduct other business activities in relation with the Company’s business development.

Operational Area

Business Model