Profile CSR

Foundation and General Policy

PT Nusantara Regas (Company) believes that implementation of the corporate social and environmental responsibility (TJSL) is a part of the commitment in realizing the Corporate values, namely Integrity, Believe, Commitment, and Environmentally Friendly. Through those values, the Company expect that the employees have thinking pattern and actions which are oriented to environment balance, both social environment and natural environment.

Therefore, with the TJSL activity, the Company can participate in developing the community, environment, as well as human resource. With participation and active contribution in the improvement of quality of life and environment, the Company hopes to create and to maintain a harmonious relationship and gain valuable benefits. The contribution is dedicated to the community and other stakeholders, as the vital components in the Company’s operations sustainability.

In implementing its Social and Environment Responsibility or more commonly referred as Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), Company refers to foundation of laws and regulations applicable, namely:

  • Law of Company Number 40 Year 2007 Article 74 regarding company’s obligation to carry out the corporate social and environmental responsibility.
  • Regulation of Minister of SOE Number 05/MBU/2007 regarding the use of social fund which is allocates by SOE and its Subsidiaries.
  • Decree of Board of Directors of PT Nusantara Regas Number: 00701/ NR/D000/Kpts/2012 regarding Guidelines of CSR Program Implementation, dated 15 March 2012.
  • The Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Policy of PT Nusantara Regas Year 2012 which is contained in Decree of Board of Directors Number: 00701/NR/D000/Kpts/2012. In particular, this policy embodies the Board of Directors’ commitment to the CSR implementation by the Company which are described as the following:
  1. The Company’s social activities which are reflections from cultural value that is integrated with business strategy in the present and future.
  2. The Company’s social program must be able to give benefit for shareholders and stakeholders.
  3. The Company’s social responsibility program should be mainly focused on assisting the community in cooperation with local government, to overcome the social problems surrounding the company’s business activities, which are implied in the CSR Implementation Guidelines of PT Nusantara Regas.
  4. Company carries out social responsibility, which are developed and directed for counselling, environment conservation, and economic empowerment for the community surrounding the Company business location in the Jakarta Bay.
  5. Company realizes social awareness and provides contribution for community development and empowerment through the increase of people’s welfare and economic growth.
  6. Social empowerment of communities through the fund use set out by the Company in RKAP.

Implementation Organization

Implementation of the corporate social and environmental responsibility is managed independently by the Corporate Secretary. This institution is under the responsibility of the Corporate Secretary. Composition of this implementation organization refer to Decree No. 00701/NR/D000/Kpts/2012 dated 15 March 2012.

Activity Implementation in 2015

The implementation of the Company’s CSR and Environment activities is conducted in collaboration with stakeholders, inside or outside of the Company, both governmental and community elements.

For 2015, the activity focus was directed to living environment and community empowerment, as the manifest of corporate contribution to environment awareness and community economy growth in the closest territory to the company’s area which is of Untung Jawa Island. The following are several CSR and Environment programs have been conducted.